Bringing AI to Mobility

At the Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley, we bring artificial intelligence (AI) to mobility. From developing autonomous driving systems to designing life on board experiences, our researchers apply AI technology to improve mobility for everybody.


Autonomous driving and intelligent vehicle systems will be a cornerstone technology for a safer, seamless and more accessible future of mobility.

At the Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley, we explore the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and robotics. This includes sensing, perception, mapping, prediction, planning, decision making and control to help lay the groundwork for the future of mobility.

Alliance Innovation Lab Human-Centered Vehicle Intelligence


Beyond pure automation, the impact of intelligent vehicles will depend on how adept they are at engaging with customers, interacting with other road users and learning the diversity of societal norms.

At the Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley, we apply state-of-the-art AI planning and inference methods (such as Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes) together with social science to equip our vehicles with rich models of their world interactions.

Alliance Innovation Lab Smart City


Today’s cities are adopting smart technologies to overcome a wide range of challenges and to become more livable, sustainable, and equitable.

The Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley brings its expertise around data and AI to work with communities and city governments to address today’s mobility concerns and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Alliance Innovation Lab Materials Informatics


As we shift to new powertrains, it is even more important to develop new materials for our products. Together with our partners at NASA’s Ames Research Center, the Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley uses material informatics to identify and implement new materials more efficiently—all with the help of data-fueled AI.

Alliance Innovation Lab Energy and Mobility


Energy and mobility are increasingly connected as electric vehicles (EVs) become more widespread. At the Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley, we advocate for accelerated zero-emission vehicle adoption; understanding that EVs require extensive grid infrastructure.

The Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley explores the intersection between energy and mobility to not just substitute gasoline-powered vehicles with tomorrow’s EVs, but to expand the role of those EV’s for customers and society as a whole.

Alliance Innovation Lab Connected Customers


We live in a connected world where digital and physical increasingly converge. Likewise, cars and mobility help transform from simple movement into a connected, continuous on-board and off-board

The Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley combines state-of-the art agile software, user-centric digital experience design, and partnerships with the Silicon Valley ecosystem to create unique future services. From off-board mobile phone applications, on-board information and entertainment, security and convenience to navigation and communication, we innovate to enrich our customers’ lives.


At the Nissan Advanced Technology Center – Silicon Valley, we use AI to make mobility more intuitive, efficient, and seamless for everyone whether in a car or not. From developing autonomous driving systems, to building smarter cities, to revolutionizing how we use EVs, the goal is the same: What can we create today to improve our customers’ lives tomorrow? 


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